Important! Please read:

To all of our patients, we will be collecting all co-pays and deductibles prior to your appointment.

In our attempt in collecting co-pays and or deductibles prior to virtual appointments, we may have disrupted the start of your session. To prevent your appointment from starting late or even possibly missed, we will only be prompting you to make payment if the credit card on file did not process.

Once payment is processed you will then be able to join your virtual session.

The amount charged will be either be your co-pay or deductible and only for the amount owed for that session.

A disruption will only occur, if your credit card is not able to be processed or your insurance cannot be verified.

If the system will not allow you to connect to your session, please contact the office immediately. We may then help troubleshoot the issue, take payment or update your insurance information, and if needed reschedule the appointment.

If for any reason your appointment DID NOT occur and your card was charged accidentally, we will reverse the charge within 48 hours. Please notify billing immediately if you do not see the credit after 48 hours

To prevent any disruptions to your virtual appointments, please take this opportunity to update your credit card and insurance information though the patient portal

Please understand this process is to ensure little or no disruptions to your appointments and for Complete Mind Care continue to provide you the best possible care.

If you have any questions please contact our billing department.

Thank you,

Complete Mind Care Team