Intensive Outpatient Program for Teens

Intensive Outpatient Therapy for Teens

Our Teen Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for adolescents and teens aged 13 -18 struggling with difficult emotions, social or academic distress, depression or anxiety.

The program offers individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, and structured family therapy in an environment with skilled providers working as a team to best meet your needs.

Evidence-based treatment modalities include Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

What should you expect from IOP for Teens?

In Teen IOP you will learn effective skills and behaviors to support your emotional self-regulation during activities led by our compassionate therapy providers. We will help you identify and work towards achieving your goals.

We use structured therapies so you know what to expect at each session and can track your success.

Our 8-week program meets three times weekly and targets coping with difficult emotions, mindfulness practice, distress tolerance, effective communication, and building confidence. Teen IOP offers you the ability to receive treatment while still living at home and without disrupting your life.

What does group therapy look like?

Teen IOP participants attend young teen groups (ages 13-15) or older teen groups (ages 16-18). Specific age-related concerns such as school and academic performance, family interactions, building effective communication, emotional self-regulation, conflict in relationships, and mood disturbances are some of the topics addressed.

Teen IOP is an effective treatment option after completing a partial hospitalization program, residential treatment or inpatient psychiatric care. Teen IOP is also effective as a treatment prior to participation in a higher level of care such as those mentioned above.

What are Some of The Benefits of Attending IOP and Group Therapy?

Connecting with peers through group activities helps teens develop a sense of belonging without feeling judged.

Opportunities are provided to practice effective coping skills to reinforce their use in daily life.

Self-care, life skills, and mindfulness tools are taught to help regulate emotions and identify what works for you.


  • Reduce school related anxiety and academic stressors
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Build self confidence
  • Develop effective social and interpersonal skills
  • Increase motivation and work towards goals
  • Explore and navigate emotions effectively

For parents and caregivers…

  • Strengthen family interactions and identify supports
  • Increase problem-solving and communication
  • Manage emotional and developmental challenges
  • Practice skillful interactions and connect without conflict
  • Identify a self-care plan
  • Develop a common language to grow and heal together

What are Some of The Benefits of Attending IOP and Group Therapy?

We involve you in creating the building blocks for your family’s success! Information, tools, and resources are provided to educate you, support your family and improve your quality of life.

  • Family support groups
  • Online and in-person workshops
  • Evidence based treatment and resources
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