Evidence-Based Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Complete OP recognizes the no one person is the same, and their mental health treatment shouldn’t be either. We provide individualized treatment plans, tailored to your diagnosis, symptoms, and wellness-goals. Integrative approaches coupled with a spectrum of treatment modalities; Complete OP patients will be equipped with all the necessary tools to support them in their mental health journey.
The Complete Mind Care OP continuum of care provides a more comprehensive treatment experience. We deliver a full range of outpatient treatment options to safeguard our patients mental health care, so they can “step-up” and/or “step-down”, as their treatment needs increase/decrease over time.
Complete OP’s team lead by top-rated mental health doctors, is comprised of psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and behavioral health technicians. Their diverse training and experience, guarantees an effective therapeutic system.

We Think Differently About Access to Mental Health Services


Our team consists of skillfully trained and highly experienced psychologists, psychotherapist, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and behavioral-health technicians. The plethora of providers allows our patients to be seen within days of first reaching out.


Located in the middle of Abington, PA, our office is a convenient commute for neighboring areas. We are within walking distance of public transportation, including buses and train stations.


We offer an abundance of appointment opportunities, including early morning, evening, and weekend times, as well as telehealth and in-person sessions available. Our user-friendly patient portal makes it easy to connect with your provider.


We are in-network with all major insurances, accept out-of-network carriers, and provide private-pay options. Additionally, we offer financing opportunities, such as care credit and payment plans.


Our entire care team is compassionate, relatable, and attentive, with the collective goal to match you with the right provider and treatment plan.